Pirate Princess Bookmark Printable

Pirate Princess Bookmark Printable

I've been on a pirate reading kick lately.  I've already gone through three of the books that are on my Pirate TBR list with some hits and some misses.  

But I have learned one thing on this pirate reading kick....I'm giving up land life and going to be a pirate on the sea.  Or maybe just a pirate captain?  Or maybe a pirate captain's prisoner? 

Whatever the ultimate decision is, I had to create a fun Pirate princess bookmark printable to go with my bookmark collection.

This one is a 2x6 inch bookmark with a pirate theme that reads "Why be a princess when you can be a Pirate".

In fact, I loved this saying so much, I had to change the graphic a little and use it in my new Pirate Notebook set.

But this one has a fun pirate background with a silhouette of a pirate on it.  You can print four to a regular page and have some swashbuckling fun while your get swept away with a pirate tonight.

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