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PIrate Notebook Set

PIrate Notebook Set

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Why be a Princess When you can be a Pirate? Enjoy being a Swashbuckling pirate while you read of adventure and romance while keeping track of your TBR list with this fun and useful notebook set.  You'll celebrate your shipwreck of a life while being a Pirate queen!

This notebook set comes with 

  • 100 page 6x9 inch lined notebook
  • 2x6 inch laminated bookmark
  • black ink pen with custom matching insert


Notebook has "I Run a Tight Shipwreck" on the front of a pirate map background.  Below writing is a Pirate Gnome mom with two little Pirate gnomes at her feet.   Notebook has a metal spiral on the left side of a 6x9 inch 100 page lined notebook.

Bookmark has a red and white polka dot background frame outside a black a white striped frame.  In center is a burnt looking piece of parchment with the Pirate gnome at the bottom.  Above the graphic reads "Why be a princess when you can be a pirate."  Bookmark is double sided with the same design.

Pen is a black ink pen with a matching black end cap, lid cap, and grip barrel in black.  Inside pen has an insert that reads "Property of the Pirate Queen" with a pirate ship and pirate map background.

Notebook gift set is packaged inside a clear bag with pen and bookmark and sealed with a white 2 inch round sticker that has a compass point on it.

This Pirate Notebook gift set is hand made to order and will be made and mailed within 2 business days of purchase.

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