Super Bookmarks to Save your Spot

Super Bookmarks to Save your Spot

I have to admit, I don’t read many physical books. 

Now before you come after me for not being a true book lover, I do have a reason. 

I currently live with my parents as their full time care giver.  I don’t have room to buy books while living here. (Sad face)

So instead, I live on my kindle.  I use my Kindle Unlimited religiously. But sometimes they don’t have the books I want…. So, I use my library and their physical books. 

Of course, then I need a bookmark. And a cool one at that. 

I gathered a bunch of cool, fun, handmade bookmarks that would be perfect while I’m reading my superhero TBR list this week. 

Links in this blog are affiliate links.  You will not pay any more for these bookmarks, but you can support this blog and my reading addiction by purchasing.

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