TBR List Printable plus Canva Template

TBR List Printable plus Canva Template

Like most readers, I have a large TBR list....but when it comes time to find something to read next, it is difficult.

I have several lists here on the blog using different reading themes so when I'm in the mood for something specific that's fun to go to.  I recently shared some of my Superhero TBR list here and next week I'll share some of my Cinderella Retelling TBR list.

But I'm in the process of trying to find a good TBR list system. 

I wanted something that had all the details and made it quick and easy to find something that will be good.

I needed the name, author, genre, if it was part of a series, and whether it could be found on Kindle Unlimited, Audible, or in my local library. 

It was also helpful to have the direct link and a place for notes and maybe a rating after I read the book.

So I created my own.

And since sometimes I am a digital girl, and sometimes I like having the ease of having it all online in my iPad, I made it into a Canva template.

To use the template, you simply open it in Canva.  It can be the free version or paid.  It doesn't matter.

There are spots to fill out by clicking on the text.  You can copy and paste the information from the Amazon (or wherever you buy yours) book listing.

If you need more pages, simple click the button at the top of each page that copies the page template and creates more.  

You can even create a book guide at the front of the Canva template like I did for my Superhero TBR List here.  

When you're done, you can export it or print it.  I plan to create a file in my GoodNotes app and have it ready for when I finish my next book.


If you want a copy of the template, you can grab it by clicking here.

Or grab a physical version sent to you in our Book Shop here.

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