Lets Go to the Ball with Cinderella Retellings

Lets Go to the Ball with Cinderella Retellings

One of my favorite genre's to read are fairy tale retellings.  I love the old happily ever after endings with new twists.  With life being so crazy right now, I'm adding some good old fashioned fairy tales to my TBR list and am inviting you to do the same!
Crown of Glass


by Alice Ivinya

Kindle Unlimited

Sometimes the strongest things are made of glass.

Half kelpie, half human, Fenella belongs to neither Faery nor the mortal realm. She strives to remain unnoticed, for humans have always distrusted the fae.

And distrust breeds violence.

When Fenella is kidnapped by a ruthless stranger, she lands in Faery at the center of deadly schemes. Her only chances to escape back to her family are during three glittering balls.

However, escape from this dangerous world becomes more complicated as she’s torn between a villain and a spy.

Neither will give her up.

Neither will let the other live.

And both will wage war to place a crown of glass on her head.




Glass Midnight


by Kayla Eshbaugh


Princess Gabriella wasn’t cursed at birth like the other royals.

Although not cursed, she feels as if she might as well have been for the threat of the neighboring kingdom of Lune is ever present. This threat of war has forced her into growing up with a unique set of skills. Not only can she amaze with her beauty and grace on the dance floor, but her skill with a blade is unparalleled by any of the knights in her kingdom.

Prince Wesley isn’t sure that he’ll live to see himself crowned king

as his curse prevents him from being king unless someone loves him for himself and not his crown. His uncle, the regent believes if he wears a mask and keeps his identity a secret he can find a maiden to love him for who he truly is. Hidden all his life from everyone his mask hides more than just his face—he fears that no matter who he meets, or gets close to all they will ever see is the mysterious masked prince—not who he truly is underneath it.


The Amnesia Experiment


by Caroline Wei

Kindle Unlimited

Up is down, right is left, and the warmth of summer is now freezing, unforgiving winter.


Nothing will ever be the same.


This is Alle's new reality, along with 199 others trapped inside the Cube, the home of a morbid experiment. Left with no memories but her name, she must endure five terrible Trials that threaten not only her life but her humanity. Everyone and everything she is trying to protect—including her newfound friends and a handsome, umber-eyed teammate—is in mortal danger.


Meanwhile, outside the Cube, the world has been decimated by a world war, leaving the major continents uninhabitable. It is a world of monarchies and ice-cold hearts. The real challenge for Alle may not even be something she remembers.


The cards on the table include murder, palace intrigue, a pair of glass slippers, and power matches between the seen and unseen.


Let the games begin.


Heart of Glass


 by Laura Burton & Jessie Cal

Kindle Unlimited


Hercules meets Cinderella in this heart-pounding enemies-to-lovers romance!


Killian, a bounty hunter from the Underworld, has spent centuries capturing souls, and he only needs one more to win the throne and become the Ruler of the Underworld.


After a forbidden song is sung, keeping a soul from going to the Underworld, Killian is sent to capture the newly marked soul. Ella’s.

What Killian doesn’t expect, however, is for her sweet scent and dark, guilty aura to consume his heart.

Ella isn’t surprised when a bounty hunter shows up to claim her soul. After waking up covered in the King’s blood, it appears as though she has murdered him. But her memory of that night is gone and she has no idea what truly happened.

If Killian claims an innocent soul, his streak will go down to zero, causing him to lose his chances of winning the throne.

Now, they need to retrieve Ella’s memory, and discover, once and for all, if she’s guilty or innocent. But the more time they spend together, the more Ella’s emotions invade Killian’s, creating a connection so strong, their souls become tethered.

But with Ella’s soul still marked, and scores of bounty hunters out to get her, how will Killian save her from her fate?


Not Quite Cinderella


by Heather Kindt

Kindle Unlimited

She’s looking for a miracle. But will a fancy dress and glass slippers save her from her life of serving her demanding family?

Ella Gardner is stuck under the thumb of her controlling stepmother, working ungodly hours at the coffee shop her father opened before he died. She thinks it’s her inevitable future, until Prince Charming shows up pushing a mop bucket and sporting a head of hair to rival an eighties rock star.

Jaxon Philips inherited the ownership of the only five-star hotel in Colorado Springs from his father. As an ancient ship, anchored in the twentieth century, he intends to revive the hotel’s systems by going undercover before it sinks.

When Ella falls for Jaxon’s alter ego, Joe the custodian, he knows she’s not in it for his money. He invites her to the hotel’s biggest event of the season, intended to raise funds to keep the hotel afloat. He’s forced to reveal his true self to her, but it might be too late.


Glass Slippers


by SJ Sanders

Kindle Unlimited

Her life is no fairytale.

Firmly on the shelf, Eleanor Douglas’ days are spent catering to her two young stepsisters and attending to her stepmother’s every need. When a stranger comes through town with an invitation to an extraordinary ball—a fairy ball that comes along once a century in search of human brides—Eleanor, with the aid of fae magic, must race against time to infiltrate the ball and rescue her stepsisters before it’s too late.

What that plan did not include was being thrust into a post-apocalyptic future where she must rely on her wits to survive in a world inhabited by monsters, human and inhuman alike. Or being claimed by a powerful male whose kiss is familiar, but was true beneath fae glamour?

He crossed time to find her and claim her, and he will settle for nothing less than everything. Even as he searches for the mysterious female at the ball, he is drawn to the female who drags him to a garden in between worlds, whose voice and spirit seduces him. She makes him question every vow, and yet he will give it all up for her. But when the ball arrives again, will their love be enough to save her and the world a second time? Or will Lucifero’s throne finally crumble taking all that he loves with it?

This retelling of Cinderella travels from early 1800s New England, to the glamour of a fae ball, and to an impossible future where the worlds of men and monsters cross and the world as we known it has fallen.

Midnight's Curse


by Tricia Mingerink

Kindle Unlimited

The glass slippers might be her dreams come true...or her worst nightmare.

High King Alexander rules the Seven Kingdoms of Tallahatchia—a divided nation on the brink of yet another war. When an invitation arrives from the king of Pohatomie, Alex knows it must be a trap, but could it also be his opportunity to unite the kingdoms?

Daemyn Rand has lived a hundred years, served an arrogant prince, fallen in love with a princess, and lost himself somewhere along the way. He has already died for his loyalty. Will standing at the high king’s side cost him his last chance to truly live?

Elara Ashen is a lowly, miserable servant. All she wants is to spend even one night in a fancy dress dancing with the high king. When she is offered a pair of glass slippers, it seems that all her dreams have come true.

But dreams have a price, and gifts can be curses in disguise. What will it cost to stop this curse from tearing Tallahatchia apart yet again?



Met by Midnight


by Janeen Ippolito

Kindle Unlimited

Audible Listening Available

An outcast prince. A captive healer. A single night that changes their destinies.

She lives a nightmare.

As a Mender, Renna is held captive to an endless cycle of receiving and recovering from the physical ailments of others—a cycle that led her mother to an early grave. When her father becomes deathly ill, Renna is desperate to save her only remaining family. Even if it means allying with criminals and taking an illegal mission into the royal palace on the night of their greatest ball.

He’s haunted by dreams.

Unable to be Mended, Prince Jaric’s existence is a curse to his family’s façade of health and security. Marrying him off at the ball and sending him to a distant dukedom is the royal solution—but Jaric has his own plans. For years he’s dreamed of a young woman, a strong-hearted Mender he would give everything for. When she arrives the night of his betrothal, he’s determined to discover her true identity.

Met by midnight, their fates are entwined.

While escape seems the only answer, powerful forces conspire to keep Renna and Jaric within their cages. Forces that undermine the foundations of the kingdom itself—and threaten any hope of a future together.


Traitor's Masque


by Kenley Davidson

Kindle Unlimited

Audible Listening Available

She has one job—attend a masqued ball and dance with a handsome prince.
What could possibly go wrong?

Everything, that’s what.

After years of submitting to her stepmother’s unreasonable demands, Trystan finally has a chance to be free. The promise of a new life, in exchange for her help. Simple, right? After all, the old woman has only asked for one night. One night, one beautiful gown, one dance… and one message to be delivered to a mysterious recipient.

It should be easy. Maybe even fun. Especially when she can slip away into the night after the dance, leaving no clue as to her identity.

But before she can escape the ball, Trystan makes a shocking discovery that leaves all her hopes in ruins. She will be forced to confront two very different princes—and choose whether to betray her kingdom… or her heart.

If she’s lucky, maybe she’ll even survive to tell about it later.



Midnight in the Garden of the Prince


by Catherine Keaton

Kindle Unlimited

Amelia Wren’s life alone with her papa is perfect the way it is, but because he has been a widower for such a long time, he decides to marry a woman with two daughters. The trouble for Amelia is her new Stepmother and stepsisters have no interest in treating her kindly.

One day, her father is critically injured in a carriage accident and dies suddenly, leaving her at the mercy of her ruthless Stepmother and stepsisters. Stepmother puts her to work in the kitchen all day just to keep her from distracting the suitors meant for her daughters. Amelia is made a prisoner in her own home, forgotten by the rest of the world.

But one fortunate evening, Stepmother unwittingly meets Amelia’s long-lost great aunt, Lady Bryant—a socially powerful marchioness who insists on debuting her niece to the beau monde during the London Season. Amelia leaves to stay in her home, finally free of her wicked Stepmother—or is she?

His Royal Highness Prince Rufus is the youngest and only single prince in all of England. The entire country’s maidens are in a tizzy trying to wed him, but when he catches sight of Amelia at a friend’s ball, he knows she is meant for him. He will do whatever it takes to convince his mother, the Queen, to allow their marriage.

Stepmother is not amused by the prince’s infatuation with her stepdaughter. In fact, she will see that England’s only eligible bachelor prince is wed to one of her two daughters, not Amelia. No act to drive them apart is too depraved for her.

But if Prince Rufus fails to obtain the Queen’s approval, Stepmother will force Amelia into an odious marriage, and all hope of her living happily ever after with her Prince Charming will be lost forever.


Letters by Cinderlight


by Jacque Stevens

Kindle Unlimited

I, Elya Pavlovna, am a horribly wicked and unfortunate girl.

After her governess is fired for teaching her to read, Elya writes in a secret journal to continue her lessons on her own. Though, as an unwanted scullery maid, she doubts she will ever have much to say.

But when a charming stranger answers her private messages, Elya's world turns upside down. He calls her sweet. He calls her strong. He challenges her to come to a palace celebration and leave her abusive past behind.

Each small push reveals more risks and hidden heartache. Will the magic of their words be enough to rewrite their story together, or will it all fade away at midnight?




by Kaylin Lee   

Kindle Unlimited

Audible Listening Available

All Cinderella wants is to take care of her family.

After working tirelessly for five years to prove herself among the city’s elite, she’s about to graduate and win a coveted spot in city government. Then it all blows up in her face—literally.

A violent, anonymous force has been targeting commoners in horrifying attacks. Now they’ve set their sights on Cinderella. Either that, or she’s losing her mind. It doesn’t help that she’s falling for a mage who’s way out of her league.

Just as she manages to recover from the attack that left her scarred and traumatized, the city’s mysterious enemy destroys what’s left of her future. But when they go after her family, they cross the line. The whole city is in danger now.

How much is Cinderella willing to risk to save the city that has always hated her?

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I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of any of these books before. But I love a good retelling.

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I had no idea that there was retelling of the Cinderella story. I’ll have to read a few of these books.

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