Cinderella Castle Staircase Book List Bookmark Printable

Cinderella Castle Staircase Book List Bookmark Printable

This month I’m deep into my love of fairy tale retellings.


It’s one of my favorite genres for usually there’s a lot of romance, fantasy characters, and interesting twists to beloved stories.


Last week I shared a few of the Cinderella retellings on my TBR list. Be sure to check them out if you love a good read.  I’m  on book 3 on my list and have had some hits and misses already  


But I love to make fun bookmarks to go with my favorite books, so this week I’m sharing a castle staircase bookmark that I drew. 

Now, don’t judge too harshly as I am a terrible artist. It’s just not in my skill set. But I wanted to make a bookmark where I could keep track of all my Cinderella fairy tale reads. 

This bookmark is black and white with a staircase from this prince’s castle. You can write all the titles of each book you read all the way up the steps until you reach Cinderella’s shoe at the top. 

You can also color the bookmark if you want. Color each step to coordinate with a 5 star system when you finish the book for a quick reminder on your favorite Cinderella books. 

Right click on the bookmarks to save them to your computer and print these fun bookmarks today. 

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