In this House, we are Fourth Wing

In this House, we are Fourth Wing

Home is where the heart is, and for bibliophiles, it's also where the books are.

If you're someone who finds solace and inspiration within the pages of your favorite novels, why not bring that literary magic into your living space?

Decorating your home with your favorite book quotes can turn your home into a haven that reflects your personality and literary taste

Since I’m residing with the Dragon Riders in my library and TBR list right now, I created a In this House printable featuring Violet and the Fourth Wing. 

Take the printable and turn it into a decoration for your book stacks with this easy DIY. 

You will need:

Start my printing the square version of the Fourth Wing print (there are several different sizes if your sign is a different size).

I printed it slightly larger than the 5x5 inches to make it easier to line up and not have any of the original sign show. 

Run the print through the sticker maker and cut around the outside edges for any extra paper, laminate, or sticker if needed. 

Remove the back sticker paper.

Using one of the edges as a guide, line up the print onto the sign and smooth out in one direction to avoid air bubbles. 

Turn sign over. Using your craft blade, run the knife along the edge of the sign to remove any excess print. 

Place on your bookshelf and enjoy your Fourth Wing distinction!


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