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Dragon Pride Keychain

Dragon Pride Keychain

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Crafted with precision from high-quality acrylic, this unique keychain showcases a mesmerizing scene of five majestic dragons soaring through the skies.

Each keychain is meticulously sealed with a layer of resin to ensure durability and longevity, while a touch of glitter adds a magical sparkle to your daily life.

Elevate your bookish style and carry a piece of the fantastical with you wherever you go.

The Dragon Pride Keychain not only serves as a charming accessory but also reflects your passion for the mythical and the literary.

Whether you're unlocking the door to a new adventure or simply adding flair to your keys, this keychain is a conversation starter that captures the essence of your book-loving spirit.

Embrace the magic within the pages and beyond with our Dragon Pride Keychain – a small but powerful symbol of your literary journey.

Keychain is:

    1x3 inches
    made from acrylic
    vinyl lettering sealed with resin and glitter
    personalize with your color choice
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