10 Great Emergency Preparedness Tips

10 Great Emergency Preparedness Tips

Be prepared in case of a Natural disaster or other threat with preparedness and knowledge you need now.  Check out these 10 great emergency preparedness tips today and be safe tomorrow.

With so many natural disasters and problems in our world, being prepared to take care of yourself and your family during an emergency is very important.  Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of knowledge and preparation to take you from scared and suffering to safe and secure.

While personally, I would love to just ride out an emergency in my library catching up on my reading list, I think my family would find a problem or two with that situation.

Check out these great emergency preparedness tips now and be prepared before the next disaster hits.


1. Tool box First Aid Kit by Sarah with an H


2Homemade Fire Starters by Mommy Savers


3.  DIY Survival Candles


4. Survival Fishing Hooks at Instructables


5. DIY Camping Toilet by Mom with a Prep


6. Room Warmer by Survival Life

7. Container Garden by Food Storage Made Easy

8. Duct Tape Jar Opener at KickVick

9. Mason Jar Measuring Cup by Homesteading

10. Emergency Clothes Washer by Food Storage Moms


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