Monday, September 25, 2017

Free Books to Make You a Better Blogger with Kindle Unlimited

Knowledge is power--especially when you are trying to work from home and make money blogging. Check out these 15 blogging books to help you become a better blogger.  Plus, if you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Customer, these are all FREE to read.
Knowledge is power--especially when you are trying to work from home and make money blogging. Check out these 15 blogging books to help you become a better blogger.  Plus, if you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Customer, these are all FREE to read.

I count myself lucky every single day that I get to stay home and do the things I love to do.  Whether it's working on this hobby Book Blog or my main Party Blog EverydayParties, I love to spend my days in the blogging world.

But it's taken a long time for me to get where I am and to learn the ins and outs of the blogging world.  If you are looking to start a blog or already have one that you want to take to the next level, check out these 15 books to make you a better blogger.  If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read these all for FREE.

With my love of reading, I certainly get my money's worth out of the Kindle Unlimited Read program.  And since all these books are free using the program, I can't wait to add a few of them to my Reading list.

Blog to Win Business
by Henneke Duistermaat
Kindle Unlimited Read

Are your blog posts not as good as you’d like them to be? Or are you unsure what to blog about?

Blog to Win Business teaches you how to write blog posts your customers love to read and share. This practical book takes you through the various elements of blog writing – from developing a unique voice to generating ideas and composing compelling headlines.

This book doesn’t just explain how to write a blog, it also helps you decide what to write and how to position your blog as a must-read resource in your industry. It has been described as probably the most useful guide to business blogging.

One Hour Content Plan
by Meera Kothland
Kindle Unlimited Read

Imagine for a minute how your blog and business would change if you NEVER run out of blog post ideas

You know exactly what to create, when and what results it’ll drive.
Your offers (paid and free) become SEDUCTIVE magnets of YES! that readers cannot resist.

Every single piece of content has a purpose in growing your blog and business, sells your products and services for you and builds your online presence…
That’s the power of a content strategy and the promise behind the ‘One Hour Content Plan.’

The Story Engine
by Kyle Gray
Kindle Unlimited Read

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell, whether they’re running seven-figure startups or small personal brands. Your story is the most powerful asset you have at your disposal. It can cut through the noise and connect you with your customers. Content marketing is one of the most affordable and powerful digital marketing tools available to tell your story at scale.

Maybe you’ve considered content marketing to tell your story, but instead of opportunity, you see setbacks. Creating content takes a lot of time and energy. How is it that some entrepreneurs can produce tons of content, run a business, and still have time to relax with their kids at the end of the day?
The Story Engine provides you with a clear, concise, and actionable strategy to reap the benefits of inbound marketing.

How to Start a Blog for Fun and Profit
by Ann Eckhart
Kindle Unlimited Read

In this easy-to-understand guide, author Ann Eckhart (of the popular blog walks you through the steps needed to set up a blog for both fun AND profit! Chapters include: Your Blog’s Theme, A Blog vs. a Website, Choosing Your Blog’s Name, Creating Great Content, Advertising Revenue, Other Sources Of Blogging Revenue, Social Networking, Giveaways, Best Practices, and Day in the Life.

Whether you are thinking about starting a blog or already have one set up, this book will help you increase your readership AND your revenue. Not only will you learn exactly how to go about setting up a blog and attracting readers, but Eckhart also provides lists of advertising companies and affiliate networks for you to apply to in order to earn money blogging.

Starting a blog can be overwhelming, but this book guides you step-by-step through the entire process so that you'll not only be blogging but also earning money in no time at all!

Community Wins
by Bryan Allain
Kindle Unlimited Read

In Community Wins, he shares what he's learned through stories, lessons, and action items designed to help you take your online tribe to the next level.

The 60-page action-oriented workbook covers:
  • Why your tribe IS and ISN'T all about you
  • Managing the tension between big dreams and realistic expectations
  • The reason you need to embrace rejection
  • How to build intentional relationships with influencers
  • Rethinking the way you look at obstacles
  • Determining when to outsource tasks and projects
  • How to make deadlines matter
  • and much more...
More than just a manifesto on the value of tribes, Community Wins is a powerful tool that will help you take your community to the next level.

Hard work, talent, and great ideas all matter. But in the end, Community Wins.

Money Blog
by Nathaniell Brenes
Kindle Unlimited Read

There are many books about how to make money online. There is only ONE book that focuses on making money through affiliate marketing on a WordPress blog. Pick a topic, build a website, rank your pages, then make money by promoting products and services from other companies.

It's great for beginners and for new internet entrepreneurs on a budget!

A simple WordPress blog can be set up in just a few minutes. From there, affiliate programs are free to join, and do not require you to purchase any inventory. Each step of the money making process is outlined in detail within Money Blog, with links to external resources, including video training and expanded tutorials.

If you've ever wanted to make money online but felt overwhelmed, confused, or just afraid to build your first website, this is the perfect way to start. If you've tried to earn money online before and got tired of get-rich-quick schemes or digital products that didn't deliver the "done for you" system they promised, you'll find the simplicity and straightforwardness of Money Blog refreshing.

How to Blog For Profit without Selling Your Soul
by Ruth Soukup
Kindle Unlimited Read

Do you want to earn a living doing what you love?Whether you have been blogging for years or just a few weeks, How to Blog For Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) offers solid advice and practical action plans for creating an authentic, successful, and profitable blog.

With wit, wisdom, and the insight of someone who’s been there, Ruth Soukup shares how she grew her own blog, Living Well Spending Less, to over one million monthly visitors, earns a full time income, and still is able to write about the things she truly cares about.

Make Money Blogging
by Joseph Hogue
Kindle Unlimited Read

I spent years wanting to start a blog. I hated my job and knew I didn’t want to spend a third of my day miserable…but looking through blogging books, all I found were generic strategies and false promises.They all promised huge income but none really told me how much bloggers make or how to make money online.

I said screw it and started my blogs anyway in 2014. I quit my job and spent 60+ hours a week building my sites and learning how to make money blogging.
You know what, it paid off. I doubled my monthly income last year and now make more than 85% of bloggers. That’s in just two years of blogging and I make money from seven different income sources every month.

Flip-flops and a T-shirt are my uniform and I’m loving it!

The nine ways to make money I detail in this book helped me grow my income to over $5,000 a month. More than a work from home reference, each chapter is a step-by-step in getting started and maximizing your income from each source.

Some of the strategies to make money are completely passive once you set them up. Others will take more work but can make thousands a month. The one thing they have in common...they all work!

Career Food Blogging: $100,000 Food Blog Business Plan
by James Gregory
Kindle Unlimited Read

Learn to make $1,000s a month food blogging
. In the book, I give you the exact, step-by-step recipe I used to transform a food blog into a $100,000 internet business. Whether you already run a food blog, or are thinking of starting one, you are doing it because it is something you love. But, to be able to truly follow your passion, you need to take the business seriously. This book provides you with a proven roadmap to do so, so you can stop working for your hobby, and start living for your passion.

The Ultimate Guide to Blogging: Laying the Foundation
by Bill Davis
Kindle Unlimited Read

In The Ultimate Guide to Blogging, Laying the Foundation, Part 1, you will learn all you need to know in order to publish your brand-new blog in less than one hour.

You will learn how to research and refine your topic ("mommy blogging," "photography how-to", or "learn social media", among many others), choose and purchase a domain name, set up your nameservers, choose a web host, install the most popular content management system on the planet (WordPress).

You will also learn how to pick and install plugins and themes, as well as how to set up WordPress so that when you do "go live," your blog will have a fighting chance to be seen and ranked well by the search engines.

100 Content Marketing Tips
by Tamas Torok
Kindle Unlimited Read

Most online marketers are determined to increase their content marketing efforts by creating even more content for their audience. Indeed, content marketing is playing an important part in online marketing.

Due to its popularity, there is a lot of noise going on about content marketing. A lot of people are publishing great content on many different aspects of the topic.

There are countless numbers of great tips on search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing and conversion optimization.

It’s quite overwhelming and feels like there are so many things you can try to improve your content marketing strategy.

There’s a lot of value packed into this book, but these tips aren’t here to overwhelm you. They are here to inspire and guide you to successfully take your content marketing to the next level.

Lifestyle Blogging Basics
by Laura Lynn
Kindle Unlimited Read

In this how-to guide for lifestyle blogging basics, Laura breaks down how she got started with her first blog, how she progressed to where she is now, and what failed attempts at success she made along the way.

The book begins with Laura covering the essential groundwork of discovering your niche, defining your content categories, choosing a blog name, selecting a platform, and creating a healthy and attainable blogging routine.

Then, she takes a deep dive into describing the the most effective ways to invest in yourself and your blog by explaining the importance of quality design, high resolution photos, email marketing services, and more.

You’ll also learn how to partner and collaborate with brands by building an online media kit, how to promote your blog on social media, and how to create a thriving community around your blog that will stand the test of time.

Build a Brand, Create Products, and Earn Passive Income
by Rob Cubbon
Kindle Unlimited Read

I’m going to tell you how to enjoy creating regular content that will be consumed by a growing community of adoring fans and how to unlock the secrets of social media and email marketing to ask them what they want. And then, how to create products (books, podcasts, videos) to sell to them and others.

So, to re-cap: Your brand is followed by an audience. They tell you what they want, you build it and they buy it. And you keep going. It’s very simple.
And there’s more good news: you won’t have to spend any money.

At the end, I’m going to send you on your way with my strategy ingrained in your mind. This will help you to build your brand, create products and earn passive income. Plus you’ll be able to keep going. My strategy ensures there’s always more in the tank to give. Creativity breeds creativity.

You will enjoy creating content. So, let’s get going

The Legal Side of Blogging
by Ruth Carter
Kindle Unlimited Read

Having a blog is awesome.

Having the cops or Joe the Process Server show up on your doorstep is not.

Bloggers put themselves at legal risk with each and every blog post. Yes, you have freedom of speech but that doesn't mean you can't get sued.

In this book, licensed attorney and passionate blogger Ruth Carter tells you how to stay out of legal hot water -- with your boss, the cops, and the courts.

Copyright, trademark, privacy, defamation... it's all in there. And it's written in an easy-to-understand style expressly for serious bloggers.

Blogging for Beginners
by Morgan Hunter
Kindle Unlimited Read

This book has been created for a beginner to blogging. Also for someone who is already in the game but hasn't found any traction towards success yet.

There is a minefield of information out there today related to this topic. Sometimes this information does not have the readers interests at the core of it. In this book, you will not be advised to dive straight into the expensive side of the blogging. In fact, you will find the opposite.

In this book, you will not just find a bunch of theory that leads you to a dead end. You will not be left  being still none the wiser of how to get started. You need knowledge, tools, and resources that you can put into practice instantly. That is what you will come away with after this experience.